Strong growth orientation doubled revenue

February 09.2018

Strong growth orientation doubled revenue – searching for new talents to join the team!

PehuTec's growth efforts started a few years ago in a challenging market situation. Nokia's major redundancies appreciably affected the IT sector in the Oulu region, many had doubts about the recovery of the industry. The challenging situation didn´t scare PehuTec but it was seen as a place of growth, the company hired new talents according to its ability. At the same time, internationalization efforts were started with the help of external consultancy support. However, the biggest effort in strategic growth was made with the acquisition of Lewel Group in 2015. The acquisition supported the growth strategy, strengthened and expanded the know-how and gave modern customer relationship management tools and planning systems for HW and mechanical projects. In addition, new customer groups were opened to expand PehuTec's customer base.

The markets did not support the growth pace and PehuTec's growth strategy began to wrap. During the autumn 2016, it was necessary to make some inconvenient solutions when Lewel Group was driven down. The activity was re-consolidated under one company. The business arrangement gave focus and was a sensible game business. During the next accounting period, PehuTec achieved 100% growth in net sales and achieved positive results. It was the result of hard work where the entire staff played an important role. In addition to stabilizing the economy, PehuTec received its certified quality system in 2017, now the company has an ISO13485 standard operating system required for the medical device development.

Opening office in Helsinki

Growth has continued strong during the last autumn and the early part of the year 2018. At present there is a growth rate of more than 35%, but the will and the traces are even more rapid growth. The company is opening an office in Helsinki and looking for new talents to join the team. The company's goals are ambitious in every area. Big part of the turnover is currently being provided by customer projects, PehuTec's strategic goal is to strengthen its own product business when digitization is proceeding in many different industrial areas. There is a lot to be done and challenges to be won. However, PehuTec's first own IoT product Wiljami was selected to KasvuOpen, where Pekka Päivärinta, CEO of PehuTec, was presenting Wiljami to the jury. "We are looking forward to taking all the knowledge and experience from the race and utilizing it both for Wiljami and for developing and marketing our future products," says Päivärinta.

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