Trace Analyzer

Trace Analyzer 2.5 released!

Version 2.5 supports Instant Analysis. The Instant Analysis provides a new faster and more flexible way to open a single or multiple log files without the need to create a new analysis. The user is now able to open new log files instantly and still have them handled in a desired manner by the Trace Analyzer. All the features of Trace Analyzer are available also if the user selects the Instant Analysis.

Project level benefits – Improved R&D efficiency and quality

  • End-to-end system level view for functionality and potential issues
  • Reduces the time used for the analyzing software or system faults.
  • Root-cause analysis of system issues
  • Automation of software or system testing
  • Remove (must do) routine work
  • More comprehensive test results by automated analysis
  • Improves sharing the system issues (reduces chaos of emails)
  • Enables quicker transition from error investigation into implementing the improvement.
  • Exclude earlier known issues to get right focus in system investigation
  • Ease of install and use

Company level benefits – Savings and profit

  • More speed  in R&D
  • Savings in R&D operations
  • Quality improvements in the product

Trace Analyzer (TA) is a data post analyzing tool. It can handle huge amounts of data from various different sources.

Target of the tool is to reduce the time used for the analysing phase with powerful internal, automatizeable find and filtering functions. This enables a quicker transition into error correction and implementation phases.

Trace Analyzer enables the users to analyze data recorded from different sources on a common timeline and see the overall picture of different processes broadening users knowledge of the whole system.

Trace Analyzer has the ability to read and organize the log data into a single view saving users time. Time based alignment quickly shows all of the system components events at an exact point in time giving the user a full view on the system.

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Questions regarding our product

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Director, Sales
+358 (0) 40 767 3026

Ville-Veikko Keränen
Manager, Sales
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Trace Analyzer can be easily customized to support any log format. It already supports the following:

  • Log4j log format
  • Log4net log format
  • Log4php log format
  • NCSA CommonLogFormat
  • ODBC log format
  • Extended Log format
  • IIS Log format
  • Java Logging API format
  • Unix syslog

Instructional videos:

Reader is a lightweight version of the Trace Analyzer for getting to know the product and accessing the analysis created with Lite, or Pro version of the tool.
Lite is a very affordable version of the Trace Analyzer software still packed with many of the most useful tools contained in the Pro version.
Pro is the most versatile version of the Trace Analyzer providing all of the tools that are needed for effectively analysing, plotting and studying the logs.
TA CLI is a Pro add-on that is very useful in continuous integration type testing.