PehuTec’s first own product is included among the most potential businesses

Maaseudun Kasvupolut has selected 15 growth potential companies from 57 applicants. PehuTec’s first own IoT product Wiljami got involved in the race.

The first Kasvu Open sparring was held on January 25, where Pekka Päivärinta, CEO of PehuTec, was presenting Wiljami. The second sparring day will be held on March 15, after which the jury will select the two best companies that will advance to the nationwide finals, Kasvu Open Carnival in October 2018.

Wiljami grain moisture meter has been developed for continuous measurement of grain moisture. The device measures grain moisture and temperature in real time and continuously from the dryer directly. The drying process can be monitored and controlled via a smartphone or computer. Wiljami’s Intelligent IoT (Internet of Things) solution ensures just the right grain moisture. Remote monitoring and automatic stopping of drying process make the everyday life of farmers easier, time is released for other things.