Wiljami Technologies has purchased PehuTec´s Wiljami product business

Wiljami Technologies has purchased a business related to Wiljami grain moisture meter from PehuTec. The transaction was completed on 18.4.2019. Wiljami Grain Moisture Meter is an IoT technology product to help farmers daily life and save time and costs in grain drying. Wiljami Technologies starts developing, selling and marketing devices using IoT technology.

Digitalisation will be an important part of the future. PehuTec, who has developed the Wiljami product, has succeeded in developing a successful IoT product to measure grain moisture. The new Wiljami Technologies company is starting to develop its product towards an international breakthrough.

Wiljami grain moisture meter measures grain moisture and temperature in real time and continuously from the dryer. The drying process can be monitored and controlled via a smartphone or computer. Wiljami’s intelligent IoT (Internet of Things) solution ensures just the right grain moisture. Remote monitoring and automatic drying stop make the farmer’s everyday life easier, time is released for other things.

Wiljami has great potential not only in Finland but also in international markets, which we are beginning to explore as quickly as possible.

Juha Lahtinen will start as the founder and CEO of the company. He starts developing and building a competent organization for sales and customer service for Wiljami Technologies.

For Wiljami’s customers, this acquisition means improved product availability and customer service, as the new company focuses purely on this market. Owners and employees of PehuTec, who developed the product, are the owners of the company, and this ensures that product development continues in skilled hands.

Some PehuTec owners and employees are co-founders of Wiljami Technologies. This will ensure that product development continues in skilled hands.


With best regards,

Pekka Päivärinta
CEO, PehuTec Oy

Juha Lahtinen
CEO, Wiljami Technologies Oy