PehuTecin sertifioidut asiantuntijat auttavat lääkelaitteiden kehityksessä.

Health Technology

We assist our clients with health technology product development. Through our expertise and experience, product development is carried out from concept to production without forgetting product maintenance. We have experience both in product development for wellness products and in more demanding implantable devices, including medical software. PehuTec has been awarded the ISO 13485 certificate, which is required for medical devices development.

Our extensive experience in product development and agile operations ensure efficient product development without any extra work. Our way of working is transparent, allowing the customer to concentrate on developing their own business when we run product development. We also take care of testing and type approvals, without forgetting the requirements of the required documentation. We have good contacts (e.g. with test laboratories) and we know the ways in which this industry works. We also help with regulatory requirements, as well as consider marketing arguments with our customer.

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New surgical luminaires – More than just a lighting

Successful lighting in the operating room requires special luminance, shadow control and temperature balance. The lights should give hours of clear light without heating patients or staff. With succesful design, the luminaire maximizes visibility, but minimizes surgeon´s eye fatigue. In the modern surgical lights, attention has also been paid to air flow control, which reduces the number of microbes in the operation area and thus reduces the risk of infection.

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