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PehuTec is a R&D partner that solves various sizes of product development challenges for our customers. Our experience in various business sectors provides important synergy when developing cutting edge products. If you are looking for a R&D partner for your idea, additional resources or consulting services for your development project, contact us. We provide services that turn ideas into successful products.

Our Know-How

Internet of Things, IoT yhdistää esineet internetiin

IoT Solutions

We can design a complete IoT solution for you, or parts of it. We have expertise in designing sensors, selecting/implementing data transfer technologies and building cloud services (customer's own or PehuCloud). The IoT system control and data analysis can be…

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PehuTec on terveysteknologian sertifioitu tuotekehityskumppani

Health Technology

We assist our clients with health technology product development. Through our expertise and experience, product development is carried out from concept to production without forgetting product maintenance. We have experience both in product development for wellness products and in more…

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Langattomat ratkaisut ketterästi PehuTecilta

Wireless Solutions

PehuTec's team has extensive experience in wireless communication technologies, both in the development and use of technologies. We have specific know-how and practical experience of mobile product development as part of Finland's strong radio system ecosystem. Experience builds on design…

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PehuTec on teknologiariippumaton ohjelmistosuunnittelun asiantuntija

Software Development

Due to the agile product development process and solid experience, we can quickly and easily implement solutions that suit our customers’ needs. We are technology-independent software development specialists, used technologies and languages are tailored to meet our project needs. We…

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We are looking for Software Test Engineers (Espoo / Oulu)

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We are looking for Embedded C/C++ SW Developers (Espoo / Oulu)

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