Internet of Things, IoT yhdistää esineet internetiin

IoT Solutions

We can design a complete IoT solution for you, or parts of it. We have expertise in designing sensors, selecting/implementing data transfer technologies and building cloud services (customer’s own or PehuCloud). The IoT system control and data analysis can be implemented using a mobile app (Android/iOS), a web browser, or both.

We help you find optimum solutions, taking into account bandwidth, power consumption and costs. Does a commercial sensor suffice? Otherwise PehuTec will design a solution to meet functional and cost requirements, e.g when you need a disposable sensor. Does the radio standard limit the amount of transmitted data? Does the sensor need to process the data? Does the sensor communicate directly to the cloud or do you need routers? How is security ensured? How is the collected data analyzed? Does artificial intelligence bring added value?

Common applications include: predictive maintenance to prevent breaks, asset tracking and building automation. Ventilation can be taken as an example: indoor air quality measurements can minimize office ventilation during the weekend and maximize employee productivity during working hours.


Do you need help or technical support for your product design? Contact our experienced design professionals and ask us for more! We will help you find the right solutions!

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Likelle – Protecting your temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals

– The idea of the product came up when my brother, who works as a doctor of rheumatology, mentioned that huge amounts of biopharmaceuticals get wasted. Biopharmaceuticals contain proteins that go bad in wrong temperatures. It is the same problem with storing of insulin, says Harri Puolitaival, the CEO of IoT Instruments.

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