Our Story

PehuTec was founded in Ylivieska in 2010. In the beginning, there was a software development team of less than 10 people. The company expanded quickly to Oulu which is nowadays the company’s largest office. Currently PehuTec employs around 50 professionals and is constantly growing. In addition to software design, hardware, RF and mechanics expertise have been added to the house. And let’s not forget our experienced project leaders who keep yarns in both PehuTec’s own and customer projects. Check Career page to read more what our employees tell about their career at PehuTec.

“Innovation by Commitment” -slogan was born to PehuTec in really early phase. It describes the company’s operating principle and attitude well. We go eagerly and fearlessly towards the new and unknown, there is no place to stop in any case. Since the beginning PehuTec has been actively involved in several research projects, such as 5G and cognitive radios. We are also members of Oulu’s 5GTN Development steering group. Oulu’s 5G test network has been thankfully up to international attention lately.

PehuTec has a strong expertise especially in wireless technologies. Many of the employees have a base station or cell phone background. Medical technology is another interesting area and we want to be actively there. PehuTec has obtained ISO 13485 certification, which is the world’s most widely used quality management system standard for healthcare equipment and supplies. We have strong know-how also in areas like industry sensor development, Bluetooth 5 Low Energy (BLE5) and NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT).


Pekka Päivärinta
CEO / Director, Products
+358 40 728 7177