Adnan Ali – Software Testing Specialist


What do you do at PehuTec?
I am a software engineer at PehuTec. Software testing and test automation is my special expertise. My latest customer project is a test automation project with Robot Framework and Python for financial sector enterprise. The work includes test planning, implementation and test reporting.

How long have you been working for PehuTec?
I started to work for PehuTec in the autumn 2018.

What are the best things about your job?
The best thing about my job is the opportunity to learn new things all the time and develop my skills. I also really like that projects vary. And don´t forget to mention PehuTec´s nice and friendly work atmosphere.

What kind of employer is PehuTec?
PehuTec is a great place to work! The company has good vision and way to work.

What kind of co-workers you have at PehuTec?
My colleagues at PehuTec are very friendly and motivated. I work in the Espoo office and I have to give a special mention to Jussi, the manager of Espoo site. He is very kind and helpful supervisor.

What are the strengths of PehuTec?
I see PehuTec as a highly competitive company with the appropriate passion and innovation to develop and offer solutions to a wide variety of customers.

How do you spend your leisure time?
I like to build and play with retro computers and play billiards.


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