Heikki Autio – Software Specialist


What do you do at PehuTec?
I am a software engineer. Tasks have included for example hardware related linux coding and C++ programming. I also act as PehuTec´s shop steward.

How long have you been working for PehuTec?
From the beginning, since July 2010. I was the third employee of the company. One employee started a bit earlier during the same week and the other one during the same day as I did but earlier.

What are the best things about your job?
Responsibility and freedom. I have opportunity to be involved in interesting projects with different clients. On the other hand, work is not always variable. There are cases where I have been working for several years for the same customer and project.

What kind of employer is PehuTec?
PehuTec is a relatively small organization and it makes possible for everyone to participate in the business of the company in different ways than in large companies. I have been working in large software houses as well and I appreciate the low level of bureaucracy at PehuTec. Everyone has always a door open, whether I want to discuss with a CEO or a work mate.

What kind of co-workers you have at PehuTec?
A really experienced people with a good sense of humor. The team spirit is really good in the company.

What are the strengths of PehuTec?
Absolutely the employees. Committed employees enable agile operations for the benefit of customers.

How do you spend your leisure time?
Most of the leisure time goes with a family, 4 children and a wife. I travel a lot, preferably with a two-wheel motorized vehicle. Other hobbies include coding, sports (mainly gym and swimming), movies and organizational activities. I was also inspired to get involved in politics, I am the deputy of Ylivieska´s city council and a board member of technical services.


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