Marko Puharinen – Mechanics Designer

MarkoPuharinen taustakuva2

What do you do at PehuTec?
I do mechanics design and as the main mechanical designer I have overall responsibility of mechanics and mechanics team at PehuTec.

How long have you been working for PehuTec?
I started to work for PehuTec at the beginning of 2017.

What are the best things about your job?
Versatility. There are times when I am doing mechanics design very intensively, sometimes I am starting new projects and co-operating more with customers and my PehuTec colleagues.

What kind of employer is PehuTec?
Flexible. I do mainly remote work, I am also studying, things are working just great.

What kind of co-workers you have at PehuTec?
There is a good atmosphere at the company. The strength is that we have many localities (Oulu, Espoo, Ylivieska, Kuopio) and there are people with different kind of background and experience.

What are the strengths of PehuTec?
Absolutely the employees. Committed employees enable agile operations for the benefit of customers.

How do you spend your leisure time?
During the last three years, my leisure time has gone to the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. I also try to find time for hiking and fishing.


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