Satu Farin – Marketing Director

SatuFarin taustakuva9

What do you do at PehuTec?
I started to work as a software designer when I came to PehuTec, but my current role is marketing director. I´m responsible for marketing strategy and  I pretty much do all the concrete marketing actions like digital and printed documents for sales/recruiting/events. In addition, I´m responsible for web pages, social media channels and content creation. I coordinate co-operation with Verkkoasema that helped us to renew our  web pages, currently we´re working with marketing automation. I’m also part of sales team.

How long have you been working for PehuTec?
Since autumn 2012.

What are the best things about your job?
Everything! I have had opportunity to build marketing from the beginning and it is amazing to see how things begin to build piece by piece.

What kind of employer is PehuTec?
Employee friendly and flexible. I did a shortened working week for several years because of my own will. I was working for our client at that time, so it of course had to be agreed with the customer as well. PehuTec supports employees´ personal life situations of very well.

What kind of co-workers you have at PehuTec?
Just great. A lot of funny discussions and humor in the coffee room.

What are the strengths of PehuTec?
We have very versatile and strong expertise in software, electronics and mechanics design. We can do really different kind of projects from start to finish.

How do you spend your leisure time?
I love sports, my hobbies include gym, kettle bell, mountain biking and jogging. I also do many kind of activities with my two kids. In addition, I make people to move, either as individuals or as a group since I’m a part-time personal trainer.


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