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Product Development


With good product development processes, we are able to improve product development and manage overall projects. With good processes it is ensured that the product meets its requirements for functionality, manufacturing and cost, and no expensive re-designing steps are required. Good product development processes ensure that schedules and cost plans are maintained.

Innovation and product concepts

The aim is to ensure that the idea or method works well before the actual R&D project is started. Our experts are researching and selecting the best possible solutions for the product idea, analyzing the technologies used and possible product platform utilization. A carefully constructed conceptualization facilitates project design and minimizes potential risks at reasonable costs.

At this stage of product development, we do for example hardware and software product concepts, measurement method evaluations, telecommunication experiments, simulations, demos or proof-of-concept implementations as well as medical device definition and risk analysis.

Design and testing

Through product development processes, we ensure the implementation of products that meet the requirements. In the overall projects, it is essential to ensure that the design of all sub-areas and external issues like manufacture are taken into account and are being carried out at the right time. In our processes, this is ensured through various reviews and documenting practices. At the same time, the customer maintains the visibility of the project’s progress.

For each product, we will do testing to the phase when it is able to obtain approvals and certifications either with the customer or with our partners.

Transfer to production

We do not have our own production, but the various issues related to production transfer and actual production are assured alongside design and testing. This solution enables the flexible use either the customer´s or our production partners. In the beginning of the project, a manufacturing site, prototype deliveries, and the required manufacturing capacity and related supply chains will be agreed for the product. Generally, we participate in the start-up of production, ensuring the quality of the product and the production as well as the performance of production testing.

Often there is also need to develop testing environments, manufacturing equipment and molds. These dependencies will be taken into account in the project timetables, both in terms of delivery and verifications and approvals.


The needs of maintenance phase of our customer companies are very different. Typical tasks in this phase include: development of product variants, extension of approvals to new market areas, component availability, quality or process changes and improvements, and software upgrades.

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