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Professional services

Consulting services

We offer a full range of consulting services. Our top experts ensure your project’s success since we offer all the players needed. Whether you need top talents in software, RF, hardware or mechanics to strengthen your team, please contact us. Our services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Product development partner

Do you have an idea for a new product, but you’re not sure how to technically implement it, or maybe you need resources for the implementation? Do you need to update an existing product, or do you require new properties? We will help you with product development needs cost-efficiently and reliably. We provide our customers with the definition, design, testing and productization. We also assist you to start manufacturing. We will be your partner throughout the entire product development process. Our certified, rapid and agile R&D processes minimize your product´s time to the market. In our hands your idea will grow into a complete product that is available to your customers.

” R&D excellency – services turning ideas into successful products “

PehuTec on teknologiariippumaton ohjelmistosuunnittelun asiantuntija

Software development

Due to the agile product development process and solid experience, we can quickly and easily implement solutions that suit our customers’ needs. We are technology-independent software development specialists, used technologies and languages are tailored to meet our project needs.

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Jussi Vepsäläinen
+358 40 543 2528

Elektroniikkasuunnittelun ammattilaisia PehuTecilta

Hardware Development

Our proficient and skilled team will implement all electronic engineering services from conceptualization up to production, taking into account regulatory requirements. Our designers have a long and varied experience in designing consumer, health technology and industrial products.

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Antti Pruikkonen
+358 50 486 9643

Mekaniikkasuunnittelun asiantunteva tuotekehityskumppani

Mechanic design

Our mechanics engineers are experienced design professionals. We deliver both small modeling projects and the design of bigger entities and product families. We define the mechanical structure always in co-operation with customer, electronics design and design.

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Marko Puharinen
+358 44 349 9229

PehuTec on luotettava tuotekehityskumppani

Product Development

With good product development processes, we are able to improve product development and manage overall projects. With good processes it is ensured that the product meets its requirements for functionality, manufacturing and cost, and no expensive re-designing steps are required.

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Hannu Ylönen
+358 40 769 0624