Tosibox – Mission is to create the world´s best and safest remote connections

The number of IoT devices is rapidly increasing with 5G. The prices of the sensors are getting lower and  traditional home appliances are being connected to the network. The prevalence of IoT devices blasts the communication and the number of connections. It should be remembered, if device has intelligence and…

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Wiljami – IoT solution to facilitate farmers´ everyday life

Update: Wiljami Technologies has purchased a business related to Wiljami grain moisture meter from PehuTec. Read the related newsletter HERE. PehuTec's first own IoT device is Wiljami grain moisture meter. Wiljami measures grain moisture and temperature in a grain dryer in real time during drying. The device has a sensor…

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Spektikor – the World´s smallest and most convenient portable heart rate monitor

Natural disaster, terrorist attack, war, traffic accident. Unfortunately, we often read about these things in the news. The common thing with these news is that the conditions are challenging and typically there are several injured people. Nursing staff often have a challenging task to assess the severity and order of…

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New surgical luminaires – More than just a lighting

Successful lighting in the operating room requires special luminance, shadow control and temperature balance. The lights should give hours of clear light without heating  patients or staff. With succesful design, the luminaire maximizes visibility, but minimizes surgeon´s eye fatigue. In the modern surgical lights, attention has also been paid to…

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QuietOn | Pehutec

QuietOn – Active noise cancellation and acoustic noise attenuation to create silence

Innovation was born almost on the fly Everything started from a busy and noisy airport. The founder of QuietOn, Janne Kyllönen, had a long flight back. After the trip, he accidentally went to an electronics store at the airport and tested an earplugs based on active noise cancellation. Testing the…

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Likelle – Protecting your temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals

Today, there are many effective biopharmaceuticals e.g. for neurological diseases and diabetes. Biopharmaceuticals are expensive and they must be stored properly to prevent them getting spoiled, which may restrict the life of people using those. For example, traveling with medicines may be challenging. - The idea of the product came…

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