We provide our customers with high-quality wireless, health technology and IoT solutions. Our strength lies in the design of system-level solutions and strong software competence. We have a diverse and extensive experience in project work. Our product development processes are certified and we are able to utilize our expertise in various fields. For our customers this means fast, reliable and cost-efficient service.

Langattomat ratkaisut ketterästi PehuTecilta

Wireless Communication

Pehutec’s team has extensive experience in wireless communication technologies, both in the development and use of technologies. We have specific know-how and practical experience of mobile product development as part of Finland’s strong radio system ecosystem.

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Internet of Things, IoT yhdistää esineet internetiin


We can design a complete IoT solution for you, or parts of it. We have expertise in designing sensors, selecting/implementing data transfer technologies and building cloud services (customer’s own or PehuCloud).

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PehuTecin sertifioidut asiantuntijat auttavat lääkelaitteiden kehityksessä.

Health Technology

We assist our clients with health technology product development. Through our expertise and experience, product development is carried out from concept to production without forgetting product maintenance. We have experience both in product development for wellness products and in more demanding implantable devices, including medical software.

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New surgical luminaires – More than just a lighting

Successful lighting in the operating room requires special luminance, shadow control and temperature balance. The lights should give hours of clear light without heating  patients or staff. With succesful design, the luminaire maximizes visibility, but minimizes surgeon´s eye fatigue. In the modern surgical lights, attention has also been paid to…

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QuietOn | Pehutec

QuietOn – Active noise cancellation and acoustic noise attenuation to create silence

Innovation was born almost on the fly Everything started from a busy and noisy airport. The founder of QuietOn, Janne Kyllönen, had a long flight back. After the trip, he accidentally went to an electronics store at the airport and tested an earplugs based on active noise cancellation. Testing the…

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Likelle – Protecting your temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals

Today, there are many effective biopharmaceuticals e.g. for neurological diseases and diabetes. Biopharmaceuticals are expensive and they must be stored properly to prevent them getting spoiled, which may restrict the life of people using those. For example, traveling with medicines may be challenging. - The idea of the product came…

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