Career at PehuTec

Working with us?

Got excited about changing projects and learning new? Do you want to work in relaxed, flexible and employee centered environment? If you recognized yourself come and work with us!

We at PehuTec help our customers with different product development challenges of different sizes. We operate extensively in different industries, so you can do varied and interesting tasks according to your own skills and interests.

PehuTec is flexbile and employee centered company. Wellbeing of our employees is important to us in changing life-events. You don't have to be bother with unnecessary bureaucracy. We don't have any complicated processes in use, practices or management models which would challange our professionals self-direction or agility of the company. Read more on our blog about what employee orientation means to us.

Our locations are located in Oulu, Espoo, Tampere and Ylivieska.

In addition to top colleagues, we offer a competitive salary and several benefits, including a telephone benefit, lunch benefit, 400e sports and cultural benefit / year, 200e dental / massage benefit / year, full-time accident insurance.

If your dream is to work in interesting development projects and to be part of innovative work community do not hesitate. Send us your application today!