Likelle – Protecting your temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals

The idea of the product came up from the brother

Today, there are many effective biopharmaceuticals e.g. for neurological diseases and diabetes. Biopharmaceuticals are expensive and they must be stored properly to prevent them getting spoiled, which may restrict the life of people using those. For example, traveling with medicines may be challenging.

– The idea of the product came up when my brother, who works as a doctor of rheumatology, mentioned that huge amounts of biopharmaceuticals get wasted. Biopharmaceuticals contain proteins that go bad in wrong temperatures. It is the same problem with storing of insulin, says Harri Puolitaival, the CEO of IoT Instruments.

Controlled cold chain protects the biopharmaceuticals

– Even 30% of new medicines are biopharmaceuticals and the number is increasing all the time. Controlled cold chain keeps biopharmaceuticals safe. IoT Instruments started to look for product development company, capable of creating an overall IoT solution to monitor and record the temperature of Likelle products. IoT Instruments started soon discussions with PehuTec towards product creation, since PehuTec´s expertise was already known, says Puolitaival.

PehuTec offered overall solution

PehuTec designed and implemented temperature monitoring sensor and all the necessary software for the product. There is a Bluetooth connection built in the medicine storage case and two stages of data communication: medicine case sends temperature data to the mobile applications via Internet cloud service. PehuTec, not only developed and implemented the technical solution, but also helped with system integration and testing of the product.

” PehuTec offered IoT instruments a complete solution for the product, and the details were outlined and agreed with the customer already before the official agreement was signed. Thus co-operation and product creation started really quickly “, says Puolitaival.

Wireless solution makes everyday life easier

– Likelle is a fantastic health technology product. Wireless solutions enable easy and seamless product deployment, use and maintenance. Wireless solutions and technologies are one of our key competences, says PehuTec´s Leppänen.

– Production plans were taken into consideration already in the beginning of the design phase. The costs of the product were also optimized because of the need to keep the selling price of the product reasonable. Medicine case makes everyday life, and especially travelling with medicines, easier for the people using biopharmaceuticals, summarises Leppänen.

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