QuietOn– Active noise cancellation and acoustic noise attenuation to create silence

Innovation was born almost on the fly

Everything started from a busy and noisy airport. The founder of QuietOn, Janne Kyllönen, had a long flight back. After the trip, he accidentally went to an electronics store at the airport and tested an earplugs based on active noise cancellation. Testing the plugs gave immediately a strong reaction: the high level of stress caused by noise started to decrease and the idea of refining the earplugs came into the mind.

Outsourced concepting and project management

QuietOn decided to approach PehuTec, whose expertise in product development was already familiar to them. PehuTec brought a vision of the product concepting and the necessary expertise in mechanical and electronics design. PehuTec released QuietOn´s resources for marketing and business rotation.

‒ PehuTec has the engineering skills that we do not have. It is a flexible partner with very good operating models. They know how to make effective product development and have good project management skills, Kyllönen says.

Active product development

‒ Earplug premarketing was started in spring 2016, and by the end of the same year the product came to the market. Now, the product has been sold to nearly 120 different countries and the business is expanding all the time. Especially busy business travellers and dentists have started to like QuietOn´s earplugs. Exports to Japan are also growing all the time, says Kyllönen.

Although the product is already on the market, product development has not stopped. Both QuietOn and PehuTec discover continuously new ways to make and streamline the product. There is also aim to expand the target audience. PehuTec has been involved in the second phase of product conceptualization since the beginning.

‒ QuietOn is an extremely interesting product. It contains technical challenges because of its small size. Designers have a good grasp on how to get a lot of technology into a small space with low power consumption. Also, the shape of the product caused its own challenges in the product development, says Ari Lajunen, Engineering Director at PehuTec Oy.


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