Telecommunications – Know-how from two different millennia

A core competence area since the company was founded

Telecommunications expertise has been PehuTec’s core expertise since the company was founded. The company’s employees have been involved in the development of communication technologies ranging from 2G networks to 5G. PehuTec’s know-how has gained appreciation among companies in the telecommunications industry, and it has been involved in solving many significant problems around the world. The company has also been actively involved in various research and development projects related to radio technologies.

You have to know the protocols like the back of your hand

One of PehuTec’s long-term employees is Heikki Autio, who has been involved in numerous different telecommunication projects. Heikki’s responsibility has included, among other things, the development of Linux software to improve the Internet connection of forest machines and the implementation of embedded software related to the base station’s OBSAI and CPRI connections.

“PehuTec’s strength is really deep protocol knowledge. We have been so “deep” in making many devices that you have to know the protocols like the back of your hand,” says Heikki. Heikki is also constantly developing his own expertise, most recently he completed a university degree in cyber security. During the studies, he did practical exercises on network configuration and building defences for intra-network as well as for operator and state level.

PehuTec experts involved in solving problems all over the World

PehuTec’s high telecommunications expertise has also been noticed by other companies. The company has participated in the product development of several small and large companies and has also been responsible for product maintenance and problem solving. PehuTec’s experts have been invited to solve problems even around the world.

“Even large companies have contacted us and said that they have been recommended to ask PehuTec for help in solving difficult problems”, says Pekka Päivärinta, CEO of PehuTec. With the help of PehuTec’s experts, many significant problems around the world have been solved, for which the company has also received recognition. “Sometimes our tough experts have been able to return home from trips almost along the red carpet,” jokes Pekka.

Telecommunication expertise from four decades

Many of PehuTec’s experts have telecommunication expertise from decades and have been involved in 2G development and seen the evolution from there to the current 5G networks.

One of PehuTec’s longest line telecommunications pioneers is electronics designer Jorma Savolainen, who started working with telecommunications networks even before the GSM era. Jorma’s first project was with Mobira in 1986, when a PMR system was made for oil platforms. From there, the road has passed through many projects to the current 5G project. Jorma’s long experience and expertise have been used in many projects, especially in solving the problems of the integration and verification phase. “Over the years, I have been involved in many kinds of projects. I have also had a possibility to  see comprehensively the progress of the telecommunications development from four different decades,” laughs Jorma.

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