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Natural disaster, terrorist attack, war, traffic accident. Unfortunately, we often read about these things in the news. The common thing with these news is that the conditions are challenging and typically there are several injured people. Nursing staff often have a challenging task to assess the severity and order of care of injured persons. The first innovation of Spektikor is to make it easier for paramedics to work in these challenging, mass-accident situations.

Mission is to facilitate and accelerate the work of paramedics and to safe human lives

The story of Spektikor began in 2010, when the idea of visualizing heart rate was born. A couple of years later the product was already in test use by the Finnish Defense Forces. Oulu University Hospital (OYS) and Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OAMK) were also involved in the development of the world’s smallest and most convenient portable heart rate monitor. A product weighting less than 40g is quick to install and the patient’s real-time heart rate information is available immediately. RAPIDA Indicator facilitates mass-accident situations when there are multiple patients and the care of patients needs to be prioritized.
Spektikor´s product has a chest-mounted unit that measures heart rate information. In addition, the product has a separate LED unit that can be placed in a visible position. The LED unit indicates changes in heart rate with the flash light and displays heart rate information in numbers. Thereby, the nursing staff will be able to monitor multiple individuals simultaneously and will notice faster changes in the patient’s condition requiring treatment.

PehuTec has helped to improve the product

PehuTec’s software designer Jukka Jutila has made product development for Spektikor’s product. The heart rate indicator has been upgraded by PehuTec to improve existing functionality and add new ones. Jutila is physically seated at PehuTec’s Ylivieska office, but product development cooperation with Spektikor in Oulu has gone smoothly. – Cooperation has been smooth and clear throughout the project. Product specifications have come from Spektikor and we have been responsible to implement and test those. Project meetings have been held on a weekly basis, thus everybody has maintained visibility for project progress and scheduling, says Jutila. Spektikor has also been satisfied with the cooperation.
” PehuTec has extensive expertise. Timetables have kept and the visibility for the project has been good “, says Spektikor´s product development manager Ilkka Heikkilä.
RAPIDA Indicator, patented and passed medical device approvals, has been sold mainly for military and emergency care. Market potential for the product can be found all over the world. Spektikor intends to bring also other medical products to the market in the future. The goal of the company is to facilitate and accelerate the work of the medical staff and thus to save human lives.

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