Tosibox – Mission is to create the world´s best and safest remote connections

Patented, certified and secure remote data connection

The number of IoT devices is rapidly increasing with 5G. The prices of the sensors are getting lower and  traditional home appliances are being connected to the network. The prevalence of IoT devices blasts the communication and the number of connections. It should be remembered, if device has intelligence and is connected to the network, it is also vulnerable. Tosibox Oy, founded by Finnish engineers, provides a solution to this problem. Company’s mission is to create the world’s best and safest remote connections between devices.

TOSIBOX® solution is globally patented, certified and secure remote data connection. The solution works reliably with all  the internet interfaces and is flexible as well as scalable. Setting up the environment takes only a few minutes and does not require special IT skills. Managing devices and user groups is easy. With TOSIBOX®, you can create a secure IoT infrastructure quickly and easily wherever you are.

Safe remote work connections

PehuTec is involved in the product development of IoT solutions. PehuTec´s expertise has been used in several customers´ IoT product development projects. Company sees how IoT enables product development of interesting innovations, but also how security can be a big problem. PehuTec believes that Tosibox´s products have a clear place on the market. 

Collaboration enables more quickly way to the market

Tosibox has done product development in co-operation with PehuTec. PehuTec´s expertise has been used in electronics and embedded software desing. PehuTec´s electronics designer Antti Pruikkonen has been involved in Tosibox project for a while.

– In addition to system and electronics design, approval testing has been arranged through us. We have also helped Tosibox in the  maintenance work of older products, including component upgrades and problems debugging, says Pruikkonen.

Teijo Mustonen, R&D Manager at Tosibox, says that cooperation has proceeded smoothly and is pleased with PehuTec’s expertise. – PehuTec has really high-level expertise and cooperation with them has been easy. Their product development expertise has helped us to get the product to the market on schedule, comments Mustonen.

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