Software design

Embedded software

Since the founding of our company, embedded systems have been our passion and one of our core areas of expertise. Decades of experience have made us the tough experts we are today, and our experienced team of professionals is ready to ignite your project with their expertise.

Web and cloud services

Unlike many others, we’re not limited to just one platform – we’re masters of versatility, meeting your unique needs across multiple cloud platforms. Whether it’s AWS or Azure, we have experienced professionals ready to implement your project.

Mobile applications

With our team of experienced service designers and software developers, your application will be tailor-made to cater to your business and end-users’ specific needs. We believe that every feature should serve a real purpose and drive success.

Testing and test automation

Quality assurance and testing services are one important part of a successful software project. Our experienced experts ensure the quality of the software, both in high security projects in the military and financial sectors, as well as in the development of a health technology application that monitors vital functions.

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