Turnkey projects from conception to perfection

Are you looking for a product development partner to whom you could outsource your project or part of it? We are not just a service provider, we are your partner for success. We deliver a turnkey product development project – in principle, from conceptualization to production to export.

We have teams with strong professional skills in software, electronics and mechanical design. Thanks to our versatile know-how, we are able to implement solutions for even more complex projects. And our cooperation does not have to end with the completion of the product, but we are your partner and support during the product maintenance phase as well. From us, you can get all the necessary services under one roof.

Idea to product workshop – the gateway to success

Is your company looking for ways to increase its lead over competitors? Do you have an idea for a device, software or feature that could change your business? Or would it be useful to measure or remotely monitor something? Are you interested in improving productivity and profitability? Every company has development opportunities, the solution of which can revolutionize the business and give a decisive advantage compared to competitors. At PehuTec, we specialize in helping companies like yours. By combining your company’s business expertise with PehuTec’s technology expertise, we can make your company’s operations fly!

At this point, you can throw the ball to us! We cooperate with you to find business development targets and offer solutions for them. The cooperation begins with a thorough investigation of your needs and goals – needs mapping. Naturally, this does not cause any costs or commitments.

After the needs survey, we can go one step further and organize a 1-2 day from idea to product workshop. This intensive workshop brings our experts together with your team. The necessary people from the client company will be included in the workshop, so that the requirements and intended use of the solution can be clarified from all necessary perspectives. So let’s put our wise heads together and spin more innovations and development blanks. After the workshop, we will thoroughly understand the business benefit brought by each development blank and will be able to define accurately enough e.g. the requirements of the solution, the operating environment and possible integrations with existing systems. Careful investigation often saves time and money in a critical product development phase.

After the workshop, PehuTec’s hard-working experts get down to business and find out the technological options for implementing the solution. The solution with its requirements is documented and delivered to the customer. Based on the document, it is easy for the customer to request an offer for the implementation of the solution from any product development house.

What does the idea-to-product workshop cost? Our workshops tailored to your needs are typically 6,000 to 8,000 euros (+VAT).

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Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Take the opportunity and make an appointment, it´s free without any commitments. Let´s discuss together how to take your business to the next level!

Boost your business with innovation voucher

Business Finland’s innovation voucher can be applied for financing the idea-to-product workshop. The application process is simple and fast, and we will help you through it. The value of the innovation voucher is 7,440 euros (6,000 + VAT), 100% of the value-added tax-free amount of the purchased services. You can use this amount to purchase services from one or more service providers. Your company can receive a voucher only once.

The subsidy is paid to your company after you have accepted the work delivered by the service provider and paid this fee.

The purpose of the Business Finland innovation voucher is to find new openings for companies to support the growth of their business and to encourage companies to engage in innovation activities. An innovation voucher can be issued to SMEs that want to start an innovation activity and develop their products, services or processes.

You can read more about the innovation voucher on the website of Business Finland.

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