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Tough experts or a product development partner?

A successful product development project needs the toughest experts to implement. We offer either an individual expert or a whole team to help you with your product development. Or why not completely outsource a part of your product development project to us?

We know our experts and know what they really know – it’s often much more than they dare to admit. Each of our experts is supported by the entire PehuTec’s versatile and competent team (swarm intelligence), no one is left alone with problems. We really take good care of our experts and we care about them. We encourage and let the stars fly – for the benefit of our customers.

We are honestly a flexible and easy product development partner. When situations change we react agilely, in accordance with the customer´s interest.

Our story

We have managed to maintain the freedom and agility of a small company but also build growth and hope about the future. Privately own company we have been able to make this dream as we have wanted and it has provided an opportunity long term work and continuous development.

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